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Truck Racing Is A Change!

Truck Racing Is A Change!

The ability to react extremely quickly was today shown by the management of the Buggyra International Racing System Team. Yesterday an "apology" of the Russian pilot Yuri Jegorov reached the venue of the seventh racing weekend of the European Race Truck Championship.

"In a way we paid for Yuri ´s loyalty to the team. According to the medical report he had suffered quite a serious injury of his hand, despite which he wanted to start until the last moment. But it was really impossible," confirmed the team manager Jan Kalivoda. There were two options at that moment - either the lonely David Vršecký or a new pilot. Buggyra chose option two. "Of course we immediately thought of Michal Matějovský, our testing driver this year. And so we contacted him right away."

Michal, who originally only counted with his participation in the press drive, immediately responded to the challenge. "Of course I am not prepared for the racing, I will risk a lot, but this is what racing is about. I am certainly disadvantaged in competition with the pilots who have six racing weekends behind them already, but still I cannot imagine refusing the offer," said Michal. "Luckily I have done some testing with the new Buggyra and know quite a lot about the vehicle. I am looking forward to the race and will try to score."

The development of the younger colleague was also appreciated by David Vršecký. "Although Michal has not raced this season, he has improved a lot thanks to the testing. He has especially improved his work with brakes, which is the alpha and omega of success in truck racing. If I am not mistaken, last year in the context of his truck racing premiere Michal managed to score some points. He might manage the same this year too."

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