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Petr Bosnakov - 18.03.2021

Truckers to compete on seven circuits this year

At least that is what the calendar says on the official website The European Truck Racing championship will visit seven different destinations.


Truckers to compete on seven circuits this year

According to the Buggyra Racing head of communication Jan Kalivoda, it does not matter how many races there are going to be. “We’re living in very unusual times and if they really manage to pull the championship off, which I believe they will, it’s going to be great. For us, the important thing is that all the traditional circuits of truck racing like Nürburgring, Jarama and Le Mans will be there. Obviously, our priority is Most, and I bow in front of the owner and everybody from the circuit.”


The championship should begin in Misano (May 22-23), which lies in Italy, a country that currently faces some difficulties. “In the Buggyra Technology Centre, we’ve agreed not to think about it. It’s simple – let’s treat it like any other season opener and we need to prepare the vehicles. I agree with Adam that we need to remain positive in spirit. In April, we will be testing at Most and then we’ll see,” adds David Vršecký.


After Misano, it will be time for a classic race at Hungaroring (June 12-13), after which the truck racing moves to Nürburgring (July 17-18). “It’s slightly messy, but on the other hand, there will be more time to work on the trucks before we get to Most. I’m definitely not afraid that we would have nothing to do,” says David.


The home race is scheduled for the end of the summer holidays in August, as always. Jan Kalivoda hopes that it will be possible to welcome some fans at the circuit by that time. “Most importantly, we’d like to invite our partners and thank them for supporting us even in very challenging times.”


The next round at Zolder in Belgium has still an unknown date. However, the final part of the season should stick to the tradition again, a race at Le Mans (September 25-26) followed by the last race of the year at Jarama (October 2-3).

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