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Petr Bošnakov - 09.06.2020

Two podiums for Téo at Misano

The FIA ETRC Digital series continued on Sunday with Round 2 at Misano. Buggyra, once again, brought its professional line-up with Adam Lacko, Téo Calvet and Aliyyah Koloc. Just like in the previous race, the French youngster did exceptionally well.


Two podiums for Téo at Misano

Loose steering wheel

A successor in the truck racing family of Calvets did exceptionally well in both races and managed to rank amongst the best. He finished 3rd in the opening race and then took 2nd place in the Race 2. “Considering that I still haven’t been able to test a real Buggyra this year, I need to settle for the virtual one. But I’m enjoying it. Just a shame that my steering wheel came loose from the desk, which cost me a possible 2nd place in the opening race,” said Téo, who is currently just 2 points away from the 2nd position in the overall standings.


Virtual spin

The 2017 European Champion finished in 6th and 9th places. He admits that his relationship with virtual racing has been off to a slow start. “While I don’t think that I can’t use real racing experience in the virtual world, both are very different racing disciplines. On the other hand, fighting in the first turn of the race offers the same intensity, which I enjoy. I want to improve,” said Adam, who also got into several contacts followed by a virtual spin.


First pole position

Also, a 15-year-old Aliyyah Koloc had a reason to be happy about her performance. In the first race, she managed to score points by finishing in 8th position, but that also meant a pole position for the second race. “To lead the whole grid, that was something great but also new to me. But I was quite calm as I and Adam practised starts at Most. I was even leading for a while, so he is probably a good teacher. Then, some more experienced drivers got ahead of me. However, 7th place matches my ambitions and previous experience,” she said. 

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