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Two to Dakar

Two to Dakar

As has been announced, David Vršecký will take part in Rally Dakar at the beginning of next year. David, however, will not be the only representative of Buggyra at the most popular long-distance driving competition of the planet.

In addition to David the Czech Dakar Team will also include the racing engineer Robin Dolejš. The reason for his participation is easy to explain. The Tatra 815 with its 18,100 cubic cm is driven by a liquid cooled Caterpillar engine. This is a stronger version of the engine used by Buggyra. "At present we are preparing the engine for Dakar at the Buggyra Technology Centre. By the end of the week the engine will be ready for the first table test of output braking," revealed Robin. And added that he wanted to take part in the Dakar event to get new experience. "To tell the truth I did not even think of not accepting the offer. Especially as Buggyra is likely to extend the field of its activity in this very direction in future. I am interested in data evaluation, work of racing engineers in the course of the race, functioning of the teams of mechanics, addressing of crises. There is never enough experience and you cannot buy it."

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