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Tyre Thwarted Record Plans

Tyre Thwarted Record Plans

The second regular attempt of David Vršecký to break the 100 km world speed record failed too, again because the right front tyre was against! And yet everything looked promising at the beginning.

Before the attempt David appeared on the track twice to test durability of the front tyres, which were equipped with their own special cooling each. In the course of the first two of the total 21 rounds David reached the world speed record time. After that he continued to accelerate and created a decent advantage after the first fifty kilometres. "The engine worked excellently, and so I said to myself that it must be a success," described David the last moments before the tyre explosion. "At that moment my speed was again above 200 km/hr. Luckily, the tyre again broke in one of the straight sections of the track and so I managed to keep control over the truck, making use of my past experience." But the hit destroyed the mudguard and the headlamp. As the time was pressing, the decision was made to abandon further attempts at teasing the fate. "As I have already said, motor sport is not only about the driver and quality work of the whole team. You cannot simply affect the life of the tyres. Anyway, my view is that although the record has withstood my attempt, the challenge has remained."

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