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Unlucky Seven!

Unlucky Seven!

David started the cup race from the third row after getting the fifth rank in the super field. He had hard times after start, when squeezed between Östreich and Bösiger he dropped by a rank.

"I felt quite calm, in addition Adam started from the last row. Jochen and Antonio raced with themselves but I believed I could manage the Renaults," commented David on the beginning of the race. However, in the fourth lap he began to have problems with steering and three laps later the double European champion was forced to end the race and retreat to the pits. “The seven did not seem too happy for me. As far as I know Adam did not finish either and so we will start the handicap race from the last row together. But even this is what the life at the steering wheel is sometimes about,” stated David Vršecký after the race.

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