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Untraditional Traditional Testing, Buggyra also Tested by Lacko!

Untraditional Traditional Testing, Buggyra also Tested by Lacko!

At the beginning of the week the Most circuit hosted traditional testing of the Buggyra International Racing System team. Untraditionally the North of Bohemia was visited by a really representative team on this occasion. Ellen, Natali and Rey… In addition to David Vršecký, who used his racing special for testing components for the new season, Most circuit also welcomed a numerous group of elite pilots.

The second Buggyra was tested by the German female racing pilot Ellen Lohr, who defended the team colours during the last two racing weekends of this season at the Jarama and Le Mans circuits. The second Buggyra pilot Yuri Jegorov, who could not test for his continuing hand injury, at least assisted with advice to his countrywoman Natali Golcova. "We received recommendation to try Natali from a trusted source. She has been a successful racing pilot of the Russian championship of touring cars. And because race truck championship has been becoming attractive in Russia thanks to the Smolensk racing weekend, she wanted to try. Regarding the positive references we received we decided to accommodate her interest,“ explained the team manager Jan Kalivoda. Thus Natali climbed the cab of a race truck for the first time in her life on Monday and according to David Vršecký her premiere was not bad at all. "Of course one day of testing is not enough to draw any far-reaching conclusions, but at least she proved her knowledge of what circuit racing is about.“ Several laps in the Buggyra cab were also covered by the speaker of the main news programme of TV Nova, i.e. one of the TV programmes with the highest viewer rates, Mr. Rey Koranteng. "TV Nova and Nova Sport have done a lot for truck racing. So when the commentator of F1 races Martin Pouva came up with the plea and said that Rey would like to experience the feelings connected with a ride in a race truck we did not have the slightest problem with that,“ stated Jan Kalivoda! The TV speaker did not comment on his experience immediately but will acquaint the viewers with his feelings in a material recorded about his ride in Buggyra and scheduled for broadcasting soon. 

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