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Very Decent Work!

Very Decent Work!

So far the best team performance was shown at Donington by David Vršecký and Chris Levett. David ranked fourth in the handicap race, Chris seventeenth!

David starting from the fourth position did not manage the start and dropped to the seventh rank. “It must have looked bad but I could not do anything. Janiec was braking in front of me and Albacete was pushing from behind," explained David the failed beginning of the race. In addition Albacete overtook our pilot in the fourth lap. In the further progress of the race David accelerated, though, after eight laps already ranking sixth and at the entry to the twelfth lap he was quite close to the winners´ rostrum. Eventually the final ranking was fourth. “I am satisfied, regarding the circumstances. The most important thing is to finish all races and score,” commented David on the progress of the race in the finish. The English newcomer to the Buggyra colours showed a heroic performance. Although he started from the seventeenth position, he already ranked ninth after the sixth lap. His final ranking was the excellent sixth! “The truck worked fantastically, I enjoyed the ride. I left Lacko and Janiec behind me and I am happy that I have contributed at least some score points to the team account,” said Chris after the race.

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