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Marek Bernard - 28.05.2020

Video: 15-year-old twins girls going 300 kph at Brno airport!

Despite all the difficulties cause by coronavirus restrictions, there are also some positive moments. For example, less traffic on the airports allowed Buggyra Racing and Mičánek Motorsport powered by Buggyra teams to organise a 2nd race between their 600 bhp beasts. Last time, it took place at Autodrom Most. “These 500 metres, it doesn’t make sense, let’s go and race at the airport and we’ll see,” said Jiří Míčánek, after losing at Most circuit last time.


Video: 15-year-old twins girls going 300 kph at Brno airport!

Now, a few weeks later, the 2nd race took place at the international airport Brno – Tuřany, which is usually a busy place. On this day, however, there were no planes, but only two cars – Mercedes-AMG GT3 and Lamborghini Huracan SuperTrofeo. But with a small difference this time as it was a team event. Both drivers were joined by 15-year-old talented girls, Koloc twins. David Vršecký was joined behind the wheel of the Mercedes GT3 by Aliyyah Koloc. On the other hand, Jiří Mičánek shared the Lamborghini with Yasmeen Koloc.


After a proper warm-up, it was time to launch the beasts. Both teams did several runs to make sure that the result is definitive on a 2.7-kilometre-long runway. In the end, Jiří and Yasmeen won against a Mercedes team with a total speed of 294 kph. The difference in the end was just 3 kph! But David and Aliyyah got a small victory, as they had the best acceleration in 1 on 1 battles.



“Jiří couldn’t sleep, so he invited us for another try, this time at home. Lambo had a really good speed on the longer straight, but we weren’t too much behind. In 1 on 1 battles, we had the upper hand and won 8:7, so we’re happy” said the team Mercedes, David and Aliyyah. Apart from the competition, both David and Jiří had only good things to say about their 15-year-old teammates.


“Hats off before these girls. To sit behind the wheel of such cars, while being just 15 years old, and to drive over 300 kph with a clear mind. That deserves our respect,” said Jiří Mičánek.

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