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Petr Bosnakov - 06.09.2021

VIDEO: Buggyra celebrated a weekend full of triumphs

Currently the most successful twins in the world of motorsport? Undoubtedly sisters Aliyyah and Yasmeen Koloc. While Aliyyah took home the trophy from the French Truck Racing Cup race at the weekend, Yasmeen triumphed in the ESET Cup race in Brno.


VIDEO: Buggyra celebrated a weekend full of triumphs

Téo rushes to the title

At the Albi circuit, Téo Calvet confirmed his position as favourite, winning three races after both qualifying sessions, while taking third place in the last race. "It could have been one win better, but there's nothing to be done, maybe next time," said the Buggyra Academy member, who is clearly in good spirits, as his lead over seasoned European Truck Driving Championship competitor Anthony Janiec has grown to 43 points. "It's not done yet, but it's looking good so far and with the team I have, I'm confident of a winning finish." It has to be said that there is no time to celebrate, as Téo and Aliyyah will be in action for European points in Zolder this weekend. "If we can follow up on Most, that would be great, the circuit suits me quite well," said the seventh driver in the standings, whose gap to fifth-placed Hahn is just three points. 



Aliyyah Koloc confirmed her position as the best woman, finishing second in the last race ahead of Téo Calvet. "It wasn't a double like in Nogaro, but I'm still happy. I beat the likely French champion," she said after the finish. "I'm looking forward to Zolder, racing every weekend suits me. In Belgium, according to David, it's a lot about brakes and acceleration, hopefully we can make the simulator at home." 


Predatory youth ahead

While Aliyyah's podium finish in the French truck racing championship is slowly becoming commonplace, Yasmeen's results on her racing debut in the Mercedes - AMG GT4 special, exceeded even the most optimistic expectations. "My mentor David and I have an internal agreement that I won't comment too much on the girls because I'm not very objective. But in this case I will make an exception, Yasmeen was great," said team principal Martin Koloc.



For while Yasmeen won the endurance race with David Vršecký on Saturday, she dominated the sprint a day later. "I started from second place, overtook one competitor and was going my own pace and suddenly it was over," she assessed her winning debut succinctly but succinctly.


"I agree with Martin. For having tested the new car a little bit at Slovakiaring and not finishing the first race in a Renault Clio with a slight concussion after an uncaused collision, she pulled herself together admirably quickly. She has no nerves, she doesn't do much, she drives in a distinctive style, which is proving to be effective. Moreover, she understands the car," confirmed David Vršecký, who took second place on Saturday. "Nothing to be done, predatory youth ahead. But my moment will surely come, so I'm not giving up the battle with the girls for the team leader just yet," he added with a laugh. 


The successes don't stop

However, Buggyra has also successfully battled on other circuits. Buggyra Academy pilot Michal Makes dominated the TCR Eastern Europe series, which is part of the ESET Cup, at the age of twenty-one. The title was fought until the last race, with the Mičánek Motorsport Powered by Buggyra driver eventually beating defending champion Tomáš Pekar by four points.


The same team's drivers did well at the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe at the Nürburgring, taking two podium finishes from Germany and holding third place overall.

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