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Petr Bosnakov - 08.04.2022

VIDEO: Buggyra ZM Racing has started its debut Euro NASCAR season

Buggyra ZM Racing has successfully completed a two-days test at the Most circuit in the Czech Republic this week, with 17-year-old twin sisters Aliyyah and Yasmeen Koloc driving 450 HP special in preparation of what will be the first ever season in the Euro NASCAR series for the team.


VIDEO: Buggyra ZM Racing has started its debut Euro NASCAR season

The twins, who will celebrate their eighteenth birthday this summer, will run in all six race weekends of the prestigious series with numbers 29 and 38. Points and trophies will be contested from 14 May to 30 October at circuits in Spain, England, Italy, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Croatia. 


Improving all the way

The individual racing weekends are evenly split between EuroNASCAR PRO and EuroNASCAR 2 (AM). "As we are entering our first season, our preference is for the EuroNASCAR 2 category as it is a stepping stone for young drivers. The primary goal is to gain experience. We are also participating in the cross country races with the same ambitions this year, with two wins in three races already," said team principal Martin Koloc. "In EuroNASCAR, however, it will be a different story due to the specifics of the competition. For example, while Aliyyah's driving style is smooth, Yasmeen is learning to work with the brakes that are small in proportion to the car. In addition to being mentally prepared, physical strength will be needed too, as there is no technical support in the car like ABS, etc. EuroNASCAR offers an extraordinary platform for long-term driver developments. It's a battle of 40 drivers in more or less the same cars, it is an unforgiving environment; " add Martin Koloc.  


"I'm very curious about the data from our test . You can see that the girls have been testing in Croatia and France, there is a lot of improvement. The first laps were intended as a warm-up for the Mustang to check that everything worked. It's great to see that they are both treating the car with the respect it deserves and they have made the right choices as to where the cars will let them go. EuroNASCAR is about getting back to the roots of racing, and while there is something you can do with the car in terms of set-up, the driver's qualities are much more important than in F1, for example,. I see that they will improve with every kilometer, we will see how they will drive alongside all the other competitors," added David Vršecký, the girls‘ mentor, who should participate as a driver in the race in Most and compared EuroNASCAR with eight-cylinders to a go-kart with the power of a racing truck. 


The two sisters have made continuous progress in the car and are looking forward to their first race. "David told us we had to accommodate the car. It took a while, but gradually the balance of power evened out, and I enjoyed the last quarter of the day," Aliyyah commented after her test day. "I absolutely agree. The beginning was not great, then I got used to the car and started to understand it more and more," added Yasmeen.    



A clear language of numbers

Media coverage given to the NASCAR WHELEN EURO played no small part in the decision for Buggyra ZM Racing to participate in the series despite an already record-breakingly busy schedule that the sisters have this year. Each race weekend is broadcast live for a total of 38 hours, with a total annual average viewership of over 26,000 hours. A 13-minute long cut of each race weekend is distributed worldwide, with content reaching 300 million households. The  series’ social media channels reach an annual average of 15 million reactions.


"The numbers can't be ignored, the reality is that EuroNASCAR is a prestigious series with connections to the American series which serves as a model for connecting motorsport with business. We see our participation as a preparation for endurance racing and one day we would like to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans," added Martin Koloc.

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