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Petr Bosnakov - 22.09.2021

VIDEO - David Vršecký: "NASCAR is about racing to the bottom!"

The two-time Truck Racing European champion got his hands on the specials of the Italian team CAAL Racing, otherwise a three-time NASCAR Euro Series winner by coincidence. Originally, the specials were to be tested with Aliyyah and Yasmeen by their father and Buggyra team principal Martin Koloc.


VIDEO - David Vršecký: "NASCAR is about racing to the bottom!"

"I was really looking forward to getting into a race car after twenty-two years, but my shoulder and cervical spine have been bothering me all week. David originally went to Grobnik as a mentor to the girls, but when the opportunity arose, he immediately and happily replaced me," explained Martin Koloc, who was intrigued by the possible combination of NASCAR racing and biofuels. That's just the reality."

As the headline says, David enjoyed the testing. "Not that I haven't had fun so far, but Friday in Grobnik got me back to the essence of real racing. No electronics, no ABS, no traction control," said the still fastest trucker on the planet, who compared the 400-odd horsepower special to a faster Mercedes - AMG GT4 unassisted. "A classic carburetor, you climb into the car through the window. Unlike the American NASCAR series, the specials are modified to be raced on standard circuits in addition to ovals. I'm not able to judge the level of the entire championship based on one day's testing, but the 1997 F1 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve is a participant, and he's won the Indianapolis 500 miles and the entire CART championship, so I guess that's saying something."


According to David Vršecký, in NASCAR racing, the driver is superior to the technique, which is why he was pleased with the performance of his charges. "The girls were quite disappointed that there was no driving confrontation with Martin, but then they said in unison that at least they will be able to drive to their full potential. Aliyyah had a wet circuit. Fortunately, they both quickly judged where the car would let them go and subordinated their driving to that. So, good for a start." 

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