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VIDEO: Double victory - Jiří Mičánek dominated at Brno Dragon, winning every race

After Sunday’s Brno Dragon event, Jiří Mičánek jr. leads the Czech hill-climbing championship standings. The Mičánek Motorsport powered by Buggyra team principal and driver dominated, winning all four races.


VIDEO: Double victory - Jiří Mičánek dominated at Brno Dragon, winning every race

The opening round of the hill-climbing season at the Brno circuit was affected by cold weather, with the temperatures dropping to -2°C in the morning. Throughout the day, it was not much better, with just a few degrees above zero. The tough conditions did not stop Jiří Mičánek, who drove in Group 2 in a Lamborghini Huracán ST EVO 2. 


He managed to beat highly experienced drivers like Martin Jerman and Zdeněk Kmínek, both in Lamborghini cars as well. Both drivers switched their positions behind Mičánek throughout the day, with Jerman being faster in the morning and Kmínek in the afternoon.


“Racing conditions were extreme. The track was so slippery in the morning, and it was difficult to set up the car correctly,” says Jiří Mičánek jr. Despite the event taking place at Mičánek’s home track at Brno, the races were run in the opposite direction from other events. The track is 2.5 kilometres long and the drivers start from the lowest point of the track, behind the Schwantz curve.



Back on track? Next weekend!

Jiří Mičánek now leads the Czech hill-climbing championship, even though it is not his primary category. For the first time, the championship started at Brno together with the Maverick Hill Climb Czech series, in which Jiří Mičánek had three starts last year, finishing 1st or 2nd on each occasion. “We’re still a team that focuses on circuit racing, but hill-climbing is exciting fun. And to see that we can succeed in a difficult competition even in a discipline that’s not our main one, that’s a nice bonus,” says Mičánek.


Next week, the team is already going to focus on the Central European circuit racing as Hungaroring hosts the opening round of the FIA CEZ series. And the Mičánek Motorsport powered by Buggyra team will be there with two cars. The first one will be driven by a German driver Kurt Wagner, who is returning to the series after missing the last year due to an illness. After the pre-season tests, he has decided to focus on the FIA CEZ series, where he is going to race in Sprints. The other car will be driven by Jiří Mičánek and Bronislav Formánek in the Endurance race. 

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