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Marek Pitaš - 13.09.2020

VIDEO: Lacko dominated at Zolder, while youngsters challenged top European drivers

The Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team bravely fought at Belgian track Zolder this weekend. Lacko won 4 out of 4 races, making it the best race weekend of his career. Calvet took a 2nd place finish, while Koloc started from pole position again and finished every race in TOP 10.


VIDEO: Lacko dominated at Zolder, while youngsters challenged top European drivers


The first race already offered a fantastic show. Adam Lacko was fighting hard for the victory with his long-time rival Jochen Hahn. “I spent the whole race right behind him, I was trying to make a move everywhere. In the end, I managed to do that in the final lap, then we drove side by side in the next three corners, but it was me, who crossed the finish line first,” shared the 2017 European champion his excitement.

Meanwhile, Téo Calvet finished in 7th place, which put him into the first row for the next race. “I had a really good start. I took the 1st place and led the race until the moment when Adam got behind me. I tried to defend my position, but it was impossible. Yet, I’m happy. To be on the podium together with Adam, it’s a big honour for me,” said Calvet.


“I lost my bumper again! Zolder is a really difficult track. I fought for a long time with Antonio Albacete, but then he managed to get ahead of me. Hopefully, I’ll do better tomorrow,” said a 16-year-old Aliyyah.




Sunny weather on Sunday meant ideal racing conditions for the trucks. And that suited the best to Adam Lacko, who dominated in morning’s qualifying already. “Today, the roles were reversed. It was me starting from the pole position, ahead of Jochen. I stayed in the lead even after Turn 1, with Jochen right behind me as he waited for me to make a mistake. But I didn’t make a mistake and we’ve got another victory!” shared the Czech truck racing driver after his 3rd win of the weekend.

The final win then came as a result of post-race penalties. In the last race of the weekend, Lacko did not manage to find a way around a 5-time European champion Jochen Hahn and he finished in 2nd place. However, Hahn was given a 10-second penalty, which moved Lacko into 1st place and he left Zolder with 4 wins out of 4 races.

Sunday was not such a happy day for Téo Calvet though. “In the 2nd long corner, I got hit by Antonio Albacete and I knew right away that something was wrong. When I was entering Lap 2, I couldn’t turn anymore, and I ended up In the gravel. Thanks to the mechanics, who fixed a broken tie rod, I could take part in the final race. I had started from the final position, but at least I enjoyed a lot of fighting and I finished 5th,” said the young Frenchman.


Meanwhile, Aliyyah Koloc repeated her experience from Most and she started into the 4th race from pole position. “I finished 7th in my first Sunday’s race, so I started from pole. I wasn’t as nervous as in Most, but unfortunately, I couldn’t stay in the lead for long. Yet, it was the 7th place again in the end at least. Zolder is very different from other circuits where I raced before, so I’ve learnt a lot here,” said Aliyyah Koloc, the youngest driver on the grid.

And the team owner Martin Koloc was also happy about the race weekend. “I rate it as a pretty successful weekend. Adam has confirmed that he’s in the top form and that the vehicles are in perfect shape. Junior drivers also had successful first runs at Zolder. We’ve got a lot of data that we can use for the next races to be even stronger.”

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