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Marek Bernard - 26.05.2020

Video: New track record at Autodrom Most!

Buggyra Racing team has added another record to its portfolio. Thanks to a 30-year-old Buggyra Racing masseur Petr Haluška, known as "Blind Bandit", with Renault Clio IV Cup.


Video: New track record at Autodrom Most!

Yes, Petr has been blind from birth, yet, despite his handicap, he is a Motorsport fan and he had one big unfulfilled dream. He says that he likes to motivate people around him and he wanted to show that being blind is not limiting, but it actually open new doors. So, he decided to learn how to drive a car and take it to a real circuit.


He began his training on with simulators, the biggest European centre with racing simulators, where he also found his navigator Jaroslav Ševčík. “Petr has approached us that he would like to train with us, which is very wise before you go on a real circuit. And we’ve decided to help him. I did three short practice stints with Petr as a navigator, because it’s really difficult. I had to be incredibly focused and keep talking. But I think we’ve found some chemistry,” said Petr’s navigator.


“We were fascinated what the Blind Bandit tried to do, and we decided to help him. Petr is a real car enthusiast and he’s not afraid of challenges. We’ve made a deal with Autodrom Most and gave him our Cup Clio from Buggyra Academy,” said Buggyra Racing mentor Martin Koloc.



”I’m really glad that it worked out. Of course, it’s also about safety, so I was very careful at the beginning. I believe that I’ll get a chance to improve even more. Big thanks to everybody who helped me to make this happen. And of course, I’d not be able to do it without my navigator. Surely, he was even more scared than me,” said the Blind Bandit. “I have to admit I was really sweating during the drive. In one moment, we even ended up off track and I almost put my feet through the floor. But Petr remained calm and reacted to our safety word ‘shit‘ without hesitation and stopped the car safely,“ added Ševčík.


The new Autodrom Most record for the fastest blind driver is now 4 minutes and 42 seconds, with a maximum speed of 101 kph, set by Petr ‘Blind Bandit’ Haluška. He did his try including leaving and entering the pits, only with a voice assistance by his navigator Jaroslav Ševčík. “And apart from the new record, the Blind Bandit can be also delighted about becoming Buggyra’s new physiotherapist,” said Martin Koloc to the delighted record-holder.


You might thing that thats the challenge accomplished for Petr but you would be wrong. As soon as he got out of the car, he started on planning how to improve the navigation system so that he could go even faster. But the ‘Blind Bandit’ doesn’t stop there, he got a taste for the Buggyra VK50 racetruck and plans to set a record in that too.

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