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Petr Bosnakov - 31.12.2021

VIDEO: Paperwork is finished and Buggyra is ready for Dakar Rally 2022

After administrative scrutineering and a shakedown, it was time for technical scrutineering. Luckily, David Vršecký’s expectations were correct and a lengthy procedure of checking all the vehicles went without any troubles for the Tatra Buggyra Racing and Buggyra ZM Racing teams.


VIDEO: Paperwork is finished and Buggyra is ready for Dakar Rally 2022

Already before the start, the Buggyra team faced difficulties due to Téo Calvet’s injury. However, the other three crews had all their paperwork perfectly ready, and they can start at Dakar Rally. In the T3 category, it will be a defending champion Josef Macháček with Pavel Vyoral (#300). They are going to be joined by the same Buggyra Can-Am MK50 XRS special with Saleh Al-Saif and Oriol Vidal Montijano (#313). In the Trucks category, Ignacio Casale, Alvaro Leon and Tomáš Šikola (#511) with a Tatra Phoenix special will be aiming to improve their 9th place finish from 2021.



The six-time Dakar champion and a T3 defending champion Josef Macháček thought it was very difficult, but he enjoyed being invited to the press conference of the biggest Dakar stars. “It was very difficult; we ended at night. The regulations keep changing and you’re just glad that it’s finally over,” he said. On the other hand, the race engineer Robin Dolejš had a different opinion, as in comparison to the previous years, they even made it to the dinner in time. “So many people, but very few technical delegates, who were very thorough and checked everything they could. I’m curious how all the drivers, including ours, will handle the new electronic roadbooks.”


Ignacio Casale, whose Tatra went through the scrutineerings without an issue, was glad to gain all the necessary stamps. And he aims to go flat out in the upcoming Prologue, which is going to decide the starting grid for the first stage. “All the paperwork is behind us, and I’m so glad to be part of such a professional team that carries so much positive energy. I’ve never had such a top-quality racing vehicle before in my life,” added Saleh Al-Saif. 


The calm before the storm, that will be New Year's Eve in Jeddah. It all begins on January 1st with the opening ceremony of the famous Dakar and the 19-kilometre-long prologue. The top fifteen drivers from each category will be able to choose their starting grid position for Sunday’s opening stage, which marks the first opportunity to use strategy.

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