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VIDEO: Successful Weekend for Buggyra, Lacko and Calvet Control Podium

The second racing weekend of the European Truck Racing Championship was marked by podium ranks for the Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team. One gold, two silver and one bronze cups, plus two first and two second ranks in the GoodYear Cup. That is the Hungaroring balance.


VIDEO: Successful Weekend for Buggyra, Lacko and Calvet Control Podium


Adam Lacko confirmed his form shown n the previous races and achieved the quickest lap time in the course of Friday practice, repeating the same result in the Saturday time practice and thus marking better times for Buggyra at Hungaroring. “Normally we race here in May, now the mid October means worse weather, but I welcome rain. The beginning of the race was not very easy but finally I shook off Janiec and then I enjoyed every curve till the end of the race,“ this is how Adam Lacko enjoyed his jubilee victory in the season. Buggyra did not miss the podium of the GoodYear Cup either. “I race for the first time here and on a wet road right away, but I must say that I enjoyed the race very much and I was side-by-side with Faas in the finish. I am really very pleased with the final second rank,“ described Téo Calvet his first Saturday race. Also Aliyyah Koloc enjoyed her Hungarian premiere. “The road is horribly slippery, especially if you drive off the trail, so I attempted as clean drive as possible, and especially to pick as much experience as possible, finally I ranked fifth in GoodYear Cup and I am satisfied with it,“ described the youngest female pilot in the championship history her Saturday morning efforts.


The second race, to use Adam Lacko´s words, was “very specific”, because it was interrupted in the middle with the red flag, for absolutely incomprehensible reasons! “Right after start I lost a windscreen wiper and so I drove nearly sight unseen. Despite that I managed to advance to the third rank from the starting eighth, and suddenly the red flag. We did not even know what was happening, or whether we would start again, and then, after an hour and a half of waiting, they let up in for another 7 laps. I had to start from the 5th starting position and struggle until the last metres, to finally only rank second, unfortunately, for I did not have time enough to chase Kiss. But I am pleased anyway, for this moves me to the championship lead, so certainly a reason for satisfaction on my side,“ recapitulated the new championship leader the unusual second race. FIA representatives finally explained the reason for the race interruption by the time slot of the world championship of passenger cars, broadcast live on Eurosport. The representative of the International Automotive Federation apologised for that and defined the decision of the ETRC management as incorrect.

“it was in fact a two-in-one race, but luckily I succeeded in both halves, I managed a couple of clean manoeuvres and thank to that I finally ranked third overall, which I am really pleased with, as this is my first podium in the overall ranking of ETRC,“ rejoiced Calvet, moving after the day to the 8th overall rank in the championship. “This was a really long and demanding day but I gathered a lot of new experience, under these conditions you learn by every completed lap. So overall, my evaluation is positive and I think that two 5th ranks in GoodYear Cup, of which each time a score for the overall ranking, is not a bad result,“ summarised Aliyyah Koloc her day.


The Sunday forecast is rain 50:50, so you will see what it will be like.




“Yesterday was better, although I looked like getting before Kiss after start, finally about a quarter of a meter more was need to rank before him, well, and then he only needed to shake me off like I did yesterday on the wet road. But I and Jochen had a real good duel together, finally successful, with the second final rank for me,“ commented Adam Lacko his first Sunday ride, started from the first row. 

“This was not an easy race for me, the trucks in front left me behind very quickly, but the most important thing is the second rank in GoodYear Cup and the pole position for the fourth race,“ added Téo Calvet. Aliyyah Koloc did not start her Sunday racing in the best way either. “I did not control the start very well, I was hit in the first curve and unfortunately a tyre was destroyed, so although I managed to finish the race, I could not get into any big duels like that,“ described Aliyyah her third race.


Yesterday´s weather forecast, unfortunately, did not even come true in the afternoon, and so the second Sunday race was also held on a dry road. “Without a cp this time, the potato rank, but for me probably the most interesting race of the weekend, with a lot of duels, I drove side-by-side with Steffi for certainly three quarters of a lap. Unfortunately, Kiss won the race and so he leads the championship now, but we still achieved an improvement here after Most, so as for me, I am satisfied,“ stated Adam Lacko. Téo Calvet was satisfied with his result too. “The start from the pole position was certainly a challenge for me and I would say I faced it quite well, but then I was surprised by Anthony and then all the rest stepped in from behind. It was really hard for me to keep them all behind my back, so my final rank is sixth. But I won in GoodYear Cup this time, and that is most important for me this season,“ summarised Téo his outcome. “In the fourth race I managed a couple of curves more before I received a hit from the same pilot, again with the result of damaged tyre, but this time the damage prevented me from finishing the race so I had to give up. I am not much satisfied with my overall result but certainly I collected a lot of valuable experience and that will come in handy,“ was the evaluation of her Hungarian performance by Aliyyah Koloc.

“I think that with regard to the whole team the racing weekend at Hungaroring may be seen positively, pity that Adam could not keep the championship lead, but this is not the end to everything and we all look forward to the next race in Misano,“ summarised the racing weekend Jan Kalivoda, team manager of Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing.

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