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Petr Bosnakov - 15.02.2022

VIDEO: We Love Racing

“If you no longer go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a racing driver,” said Ayrton Senna, a three-time Formula 1 World Champion, while another World Champion and his rival Nigel Mansell said: “Every time I get into the car and start the engine, I feel this excitement. Even if I was getting just a pound for each race, I’d be still a racing driver.”


VIDEO: We Love Racing

And both quotes, coming from really great stars of Motorsport, are relatable to a brand-new 30-minute documentary about the Buggyra ZM Racing. Love is love, and that applies in the world of racing as well. The premiere took place on Valentine’s Day.


In comparison to previous years, this a little bit different documentary follows the team in the 2021 season, which saw some exceptional success, including a win at the Dakar Rally. The creative team led by Jan Kalivoda knew to focus on interviewing drivers across categories, but even great stars of the Motorsport world got their space, which makes the documentary even stronger. A legendary Dakar navigator Josef Kalina describes his love for Motorsport, just like multiple-time European champions and big rivals in truck racing Jochen Hahn and Norbert Kiss. There are women behind the wheel as well, including a German racing driver Ellen Lohr, who has raced in many different categories like DTM, Dakar Rally or the European Truck Racing Championship. And the FIA is represented by Toni Iddon. And who better to speak about the future of Motorsport, than a four-time Dakar Rally winner and a current champion Nasser Al-Attiyah.


And that is exactly why this half-hour long documentary We Love Racing is worth watching!


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