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Virtual racing series Buggyra Zero Mileage GT Cup has begun

The first-ever Buggyra Racing’s virtual championship series has begun on Friday, with the opening round of the season at Blackwood GP. Isaac Price, an iRacing world, has won both races.


Virtual racing series Buggyra Zero Mileage GT Cup has begun

Already during the registration process, it was clear that there is going to be some serious competition. The first world track record was broken in the middle of the week, as more and more famous drivers joined the series. Friday’s qualifying then saw Buggyra Racing drivers against the best sim racers in the world.


“Let’s start from the back, to make it funny, they said. Unfortunately, we will really race from the back,” said David Vršecký after the qualifying. “There was so much traffic on the track, just like in real racing. You want to make some room, so you let the guys ahead to pull away, start the fast lap and suddenly there are 10 more drivers in front of you, who just joined the track. You need to pass them, then you make a mistake and start all over again,” said Tomáš Enge, Vršecký’s new teammate. In the end, it was Isaac Price, who took the pole position for the first race. The British driver is a world champion in iRacing and races for Williams F1 Esports team.


Despite not such a good qualifying, Vršecký had a good start and kept around the middle of the field. But he did not have much time to progress, as the Sprint lasts only five laps. Unfortunately, during one of the battles, David lost the back of his car and dropped back to the end of the field. A similar fate met also Tomáš Enge, who was way too fast going in one of the corners, a high kerb sent him off the track and turned his car around. He had to retire from the race. Téo Calvet and Aliyyah Koloc also had a tough start and ended on 32nd and 33rd position, respectively.


The main 78-lap long race started with a scrimmage in the first corner. Tomáš Enge used all his experience to make the most of it and moved to the 25th place before a puncture sent him to the pits early. That once again meant a drop to the end of the field. Unfortunately, David Vršecký did not enjoy an easy race as well. Later in the race, he collided with one of the drivers and both had to head to the pits to repair their cars. Despite all these unfortunate moments, Enge, Vršecký and Aliyyah finished the race on 22nd, 23rd and 24th place, respectively.


“It’s not that bad, we’ve finished the race! And considering, we’re rookies in this and it was our first-ever race like that, I don’t think it’s too bad. Of course, we practiced, but these drivers are real champions. They practice several hours per day in such games. I might have done 200 laps, but I’d need another 20,000 to match them. Yet, I’ve enjoyed it and hats off to everyone,” said Tomáš Enge, the only Czech driver to ever race in Formula 1. “The race started well, but then around Lap 30; I had an accident. I lost a lot of time before I made it back to the pits and repaired the car. But it was a nice race,” said Vršecký. Isaac Price won even the 2nd race of the opening round of the Buggyra Zero Mileage GT Cup. The iRacing world champion started 18th, after a reverse grid based on the Sprint race results, yet he managed to make his way back to the front of the field to take the maximum amount of points from this event.


About championship: 

Buggyra Zero Mileage GT Cup consists of 10 rounds, with the finale scheduled for the beginning of November.“It’s going to collide with some of our other activities, but as promoters, we must go all in,” says team manager Jan Kalivoda.


Each round consists of 20-minute long qualifying, a Sprint race on 5 laps and an Endurance race on 90 minutes. The starting grid for the Endurance race is determined by results in the Sprint race, with the first 10 to 19 drivers reversing their positions, depending on the final number of a race-winning time in the Sprint race. That means, that a Sprint race winner starts the main race from 10th to 19th place.


While there are no points awarded for qualifyings, the winner of the Sprint gets 150 points, while the Endurance race gets 300 points. Only the 7 best results of the season count towards the Buggyra Zero Mileage GT Cup championship.


The prize pool for the best drivers consists of several thousands of Euros and unique opportunities to try Buggyra Racing specials. Anybody can join the championship. More information and rules are available on the official website:

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