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Vršecký A Point to Champion!

Vršecký A Point to Champion!

David Vršecký won the opening cup race in Jarama, Spain. And as his only rival in the struggle for the champion title Antonio Albacete did not finish the race, the Roudnice trucker ´s advantage now amounts to thirty points!

Thus to defend last year ´s champion title David needs to score a single point! And yet only yesterday Buggyra had to cope with the decision of the track stewards who one day before the start of the racing weekend banned use of Rigdon tyres on the rear axle. “Drivers´ safety over anything. What a pity we had not been told a couple of days earlier,” commented David on the decision of the FIA agents. FIA justified its unusual decision by the effort to assure maximum safety of the truckers. The Rigdon tyres, in their opinion, represented a safety risk under the given climatic conditions. "I am here to race and not to comment on FIA decisions. I would just like to say that the hot weather has been the same for years in Jarama." Despite that handicap Buggyras performed excellently in the time practice. For the first time since the Saturday race at Nürburgring Bosiger won while Vršecký ranked second. "I hoped for the pole position but Markus drove excellently. I am only happy that Antonio ranked third behind me,” said David in reaction to the first but extremely important victory. David started the cup race without mistake, passed the opening curve without the slightest contact and headed towards his very first victory in Jarama in his life. "I drove at the brink of self-destruction. I only wondered why Jochen drove behind me. My managers probably decided that I should concentrate on my performance and did not disturb me. I only learned about the end of the game for Markus and Antonio when in the course of about the fifth lap I began to overtake the slow trucks one lap behind me." After the race the stewards began to settle the collision between Albacete and Bösiger. The approach of the organizers to fair play is demonstrated by the fact that while the truck of the Spanish pilot was immediately towed to the pits, the destroyed truck of Bösiger was still in the parc ferme long after the race finished!

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