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Vršecký A Step from Podium

Vršecký A Step from Podium

A single rank up was needed for David Vršecký today to be able to climb the podium after the second cup race at the Nogaro circuit! But he added to his account some very valuable scalps.

The scalps belonged to nobody insignificant: four European champions who together obtained six old continent champion titles. “While sometimes the fourth rank is rather sad, today it was pleasing. I would like to thank the boys for their performance today,“ confirmed David after the race. “To manage to replace the whole engine in an hour and a half is something that does deserve praise. I only regret I could not manage the podium in return for all that.“ David held the third rank after start, successfully fighting back the constantly attacking Lacko. Some moments later, however, he tried to overtake the defensively driving Finnish trucker Makinen, but his attack failed and Adam Lacko made use of that and moved to the second rank. David ranked fourth at that moment. The rest of the laps were about systematic pressure of Vršecký and total but unfortunately successful defensive of Makinen. “Nothing against him, he has improved a lot. I am only curious to know how long he will enjoy this way of racing,“ said David about the Finn. Meanwhile the acting European champion Jochen Hahn appeared in the rear view mirrors of our pilot, followed by other champions of the old continent. “The line of Jochen, Markus, Markus and Antonio looked nice. I was leading a train including me plus four other European champions, and it stayed like that till the finish. I am pleased.“ It needs to be said that Jochen approached the duel as a very prestigious thing, in the tenth lap both pilots touched the cabs of each other ´s trucks. The spectators like this. This is what racing is about. I wanted the podium. The boys would have deserved it for all the work they had done. Perhaps tomorrow,“ commented David the progress of the race.

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