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Vršecký a Step from Rostrum!

Vršecký a Step from Rostrum!

Even though David Vršecký achieved the third rank in the super field, he was worried before the start of the cup race. He had Markus Bösiger in front of him starting from the first row, and he knew Markus ´s starts usually were not excellent.

David ´s worries were confirmed in the end, as Markus was overtaken not only by Hahn, but also by Lacko, from the fourth rank in the super field. David thus found himself ranking fourth. “There are things one has to cope with. I do not think it was an intention on the part of Markus. He simply is not very good at starts,” said David after the race. In the following part of the race he had to fight back attacks of Albacete, who was betrayed by the transmission at the end of the race, though. At the very end of the race the third Lacko changed ranks with the second Bösiger. "Adam is a very good pilot and this is what our sport is about. I personally have no problem with it. But if somebody decided that a former European champion had to give way to a newcomer, this must mean something. Regarding the progress of the race I am happy with the ten points for the fourth rank after all.”

Chris Levett started very badly and dropped to the last rank. But after that he fought his way forward and eventually ranked eighth. Thus he will start the handicap race from the best starting position.

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