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Vršecký Accomplished Double!

Vršecký Accomplished Double!

Excellent performance was enacted by David Vršecký in the Sunday handicap race. He won the race like yesterday and thus he and the whole team could fell joy over the valuable double!

David started excellently and for five laps played on the nerves of Bösiger riding in front of him. In the fifth lap he took the lead and soon left his Swiss chaser more than two seconds behind. “In the previous race I achieved the quickest lap time. I knew I would be quite quick on dry track,” said the happy David after the race. “I received information that Bösiger was followed by Östreich. I said to myself that they would soon change ranks.” David ´s expectations came true soon and so like on Saturday for most of the race he had Markus Östreich behind his back. “I believed I would win. I conveniently held my advantage of around three seconds and looked forward to the finish.”

When arriving there David enjoyed the well deserved ovations. To tell the truth I do not remember to have won both handicap races in the course of a single racing weekend. Adding the second rank in today ´s super field I am satisfied," added the double European champion. “Now there is a longer interval between races and so we will analyze data and perform more testing. Misano has given us a kick.”

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