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Vršecký Amused Jarama!

Vršecký Amused Jarama!

Even in the very last race of this championship season David Vršecký could not be bored. He ranked fourth in the handicap race and immediately after the finish he began to prepare celebrations of the champion title.

The final race of the season was won without the slightest resistance on the part of his rivals by the local trucker Antonio Albacete, but the more than a hundred thousand viewers were amused by the tricks played by Vršecký. First of all in the third lap David tried to overtake the Hungarian Szóbi and to do that he performed a giant leap worth Aleš Valenta. Unfortunately, the track stewards did not accept his tricks. "Antonio was far away and so I said to myself, let the audience amuse themselves a little. I am curious to see my trick on the video. And I will probably go and apologize to the Hungarian trucker." After a reprimand and some problems with the slow truckers one lap behind David eventually ranked fourth. After a time the European Champion thus did not climb the winners´ rostrum. But he was not sad about that at all. "Immediately after the race my clutch went off, so I was a little lucky, too. My presence on the winners´ rostrum would probably remind Antonio of this year ´s overall result. The big cups will be distributed in the evening. We are ready to enjoy everything to the full," said the double European Champion in a conclusion to the day.

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