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Vršecký at 100% in Most!

Vršecký at 100% in Most!

The verdict of the jury decided that the originally third David Vršecký was eventually announced the winner of the handicap race. This means in practice that the Roudnice trucker has become the second trucker of this season after Bösiger, who won both cup races in the course of a single day.

The information about disqualification of Hahn (for using unpermitted tyres) and the two second penalisation of Albacete (for overtaking Vršecký in contradiction to the rules) reached both Buggyra drivers in the pits. "We agreed that we would not comment any attack in order not to be considered weeping babies. I had my own view of Antonio ´s manoeuvre but I did not say anything in public. As you can see, the justice was not blind in this case. And every point counts," said Vršecký in reaction to the decision of the track commissioners, after which he now loses just eight points after the first Albacete. Markus Bösiger, who thus moved to the third rank, was very laconic as always. "I did not believe any more that if there was somebody to be disqualified it would not be me. My third ranking does not change the fact that I cannot manage in my duel with David yet. I hope this will change too. Perhaps already tomorrow."

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