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Vršecký Begins with Fifth Rank

Vršecký Begins with Fifth Rank

The opening cup race opened the sixth racing weekend of this truck racing season held in Smolensk. David Vršecký ranked fifth.

David started from the sixth position allocated to him on the basis of his result in the super pole time practice. He kept the sixth rank after start and for the whole race. He only moved to the fifth rank after the race when the sport commissioners penalised Markus Östereich for exceeded speed limit. It needs to be admitted that the trucker of Roudnice was not much satisfied with his performance. "There are things I still cannot understand with all my racing experience. Simply speaking, I would like so much but it simply will not work. We will probably have to change something substantial," said David after the race.

Excellent performance regarding his experience was shown by the second Buggyra pilot Yuri Yegorov. For most of the race he struggled with Frankie Vojtíšek for the tenth rank, even with a half-second better lap time than the Czech truck racing veteran, but eventually still ranked tenth. “Excellent piece of work. Clearly Yuri still lacks experience, which causes him problems with overtaking manoeuvres. But he learns very quickly,” evaluated the performance of the Russian pilot the team manager Jan Kalivoda.

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