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Vršecký Bows Down and Takes Off His Hat!

Vršecký Bows Down and Takes Off His Hat!

David Vršecký has passed the opening testing before his first participation at the January Rally Dakar. The double European Truck Racing Champion takes off his hat to express his esteem for the participants in the most demanding race of its kind in the world!

"I said to myself that it would not be easy. Nevertheless the very first testing in Senica tremendously exceeded all my expectations," said David immediately at the end of the event. "It is hard to believe what Tatra can manage, balance, bear and overcome and at what speed. The speed of 120 km/hr off road is incredible." David was also greatly impressed by the work of the team of mechanics. "In the beginning the truck seemed a little nervous. But I could see at first sight that every member of the team knew what to put their hands on and why. So they tuned the truck up to perfection after a while. Even though I have so far only passed a short testing in Slovakia, I bow down and take off my hat in front of all who have ever managed the Dakar race," added David in the end.

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