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Vršecký Celebrating a Victory!

Vršecký Celebrating a Victory!

For the first time in this season David Vršecký enjoyed a victory! The victory came at the Nürburgring in the handicap race.

The triumph of Buggyra was underlined by the fourth rank of Uwe Nittel. "I am absolutely exhausted but also absolutely satisfied. And I would like to express my thanks to all who contributed to this success," said David immediately after the race, when in the middle of the crowd of congratulators! "There is a lot of work ahead of us but this race confirmed that we were treading the right path." The first victory of the Champion title defender and Buggyra in this season was far from easy. It was one of the examples of the saying that everything bad is good for something. While Nittel, starting from the first row, made a small mistake, Vršecký made use of his duel with the pair Lacko – Lvov, managed to hold the inner trace and squeezed his truck through to the lead. "I immediately noticed that I was followed by Albacete. I was very much looking forward to our mutual duel," described David the opening part of the race. "On the basis of the test results I was sure I could accelerate and reach for the victory." Thus the next part of the race was marked by the duel between Vršecký and Albacete. And like in the previous seasons the Spanish trucker pulled the shorter end of the rope. "I love races like this. Antonio

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