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Vršecký Close to Podium!

Vršecký Close to Podium!

The fourth rank was gained by David Vršecký in today ´s cup race at the Nogaro circuit. Chris Levett finally ranked tenth due to a collision after start.

Like yesterday Vršecký tried to attack immediately after start, but Nittel guarded his third rank well. David tried to overtake Uwe for the rest of the race but both pilots achieved the same lap times in most laps. “I did all I could but the differences between our trucks are minimal and Uwe did not make a mistake this time,” confirmed David in the finish. Despite that he was satisfied with his performance and with the ranking. "I do not know the exact overall score but I am quite close to a hundred and Adam and Uwe are within the range of fire. I would be happy with ten cup points in the handicap race again," remembered David his yesterday ´s triumph. Chris Levett was unlucky. Immediately after start he was hit by his countryman Oliver and let the track unintentionally. “I did not expect the blow. In the finish I tried to move to the ninth rank. I could not think of the eighth, which would mean the best starting position in the handicap race,” recapitulated the Briton briefly.

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