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Vršecký Conquers Donington!

Vršecký Conquers Donington!

The only circuit of the current championship schedule so far resisting Buggyra and David Vršecký was Donington, until this afternoon. Since 7.20 pm all has changed!

Buggyra celebrates the most successful day of this year ´s championship so far. After the third lap time in the super field and the fourth rank in the cup race David won the second cup race, adding to his score a record one-day gain of twenty points. “Great pleasure and absolute satisfaction. We all deserve this after the torture in Nogaro," rejoiced David after the race. David started excellently and ranked fourth after start. A slight crisis came at the end of the first lap, when Bösiger got in front of him in a mess situation. However, in the third lap David returned the overtaking to his former team mate and began to prepare a big overtaking festival. "A nice race. The defensive Janiec in front of me, the warlike Hahn behind me. I could end third as well as fifth," commented David on the firth third of the race. After that he got in front of the defensive Frenchman by a fantastic manoeuvre and the cup was close. But David wanted more. The Hungarian pilot Kiss soon got to know that. "I ranked second, with Jochen behind my back again. We will probably all agree that in such situations it pays to accelerate," laughed David in the finish. And he did in the last but one lap and Lacheze in the lead had no chance. "A wonderful adrenalin race. I like that! I am pleased with all the successful overtaking manoeuvres but what I am pleased with most of all is that I did not give a chance to Jochen," said David before the prize-giving ceremony.

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