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Vršecký Conquers Nürburgring!

Vršecký Conquers Nürburgring!

David Vršecký parted with this year ´s Nürburgring by winning the final handicap race. Chris Levett eventually ranked fourth, and thus Buggyra has scored its best result of this season so far!

"I do not like water at all and yet I have won," laughed Vršecký after the race. "My truck ran excellently, all is well that ends well! I realized in the finish that I had won at least one race here for the fifth time in a row. Satisfied." As usual at least a race at the Nürburgring had to cope with a heavy downpour and a repeated start. While after the first start Levett took the lead, start number two meant the leading rank for Vršecký. "I remembered the year 2003, when I also won on the water. I needed to improve my mood after the cup race, and so I risked a lot,” explained Vršecký. In the sixth lap he achieved the best lap time and his advantage increased to two seconds. “I heard in my earphones that I was followed by Chris chased by Lacko and Bösiger." In the following part of the race David guarded his first rank and increased his advantage to four seconds. "I felt excellent. After the race I said to myself that all had passed much too quickly. For the first time this year I am bringing back two cups from one racing weekend. Better times seem to be ahead." Chris Levett also performed very well. For the whole ten laps he held the second rank immediately after his team mate. Eventually, however, he could not stand the pressure from Bösiger and Lacko and eventually ranked fourth. Chris Levett: "Driving on the water is not my cup of tea. I wanted a cup but the fourth rank is not bad at all either."

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