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Luboš Veselý - 10.09.2017

Vršecký Defends Champion Title in China Without Any Lost Score Point, Lacko Ranks Second!

Vršecký Defends Champion Title in China Without Any Lost Score Point, Lacko Ranks Second!

The third and last stage of the Chinese Race Truck Championship is already part of history. The pilots of the Buggyra Racing team clearly controlled the podium is both races, not leaving any space for the competitors, ranking in the following order: Vršecký, Lacko, Kolomý. David Vršecký thus became a sovereign defender of the Chinese truck racing champion title without tasting the bitterness of defeat. Adam Lacko ranked silver again, like last year.


David Vršecký did not find any stronger rival in the last two races either, thus completely controlling this edition of the championship. “Super, we appreciated the little colder weather here, but due to the extremely high humidity we are sweated all over anyway. The first race was comfortable for we started from the front. The second race was already about some overtaking and contacts, due to which we had to visit the tower. But the worse was the beginning of the weekend, when we had to repair the whole truck, the better was its end. The podium was completely occupied by Czech pilots, so we robbed them of all cups here,” was the comment of the double European and now already the double Chinese champion Vršecký. “I have covered two seasons here, both victorious for me, so if the third season is the same, I will only be happy. I enjoy it here, we have won what we could,” said the happy Vršecký.

Adam Lacko ranked second in both races and silver was his overall rank as well, like last year. “Today both me and David and Martin have been successful. We have climbed the podium twice. The morning race was not difficult at all, for David and I started from the first row and so we also reached the finish. The second race is always more interesting, as the first ten pilots swap starting order. We tried to get in front from the rear positions not to let the leaders too far away. We managed in the course of the first two laps and then be held the same ranks like in the previous race.,” commented the current sovereign of the championship on the last races. “I have managed to defend my second overall rank of last year and so I am absolutely satisfied. Now I will concentrate on the finals of the European championship,“ was the satisfied Lacko´s comment on the overall silver rank.

Although Martin Kolomý was rather getting used to the truck again after the two-year pause he obtained two third ranks. “It was a little of a struggle for I had not driven the circuit truck for a long time before. The interesting moment came when the three of us climbed the podium together. In the second race we had to overtake a lot of slower trucks. Some of them cornered without looking around them and the result was some contacts. I must congratulate David for the overall victory, wonderful. I hope to see him in the second truck at Dakar next year,” said Kolomý with a smile on his lips. “I may appear here again next year, but not for the whole series, for I want to visit the Silk Way Rally again,“ revealed the native of Bruntál his future plans.

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