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Vršecký Defends Thirty!

Vršecký Defends Thirty!

David Vršecký ranked fourth in the final race of the eighth racing weekend of the European Race Truck Championship in Zolder, Belgium. Chris Levett ranked tenth!

Like in the cup race David mastered the start, leaving Markus Bösiger behind. But at the beginning of the race de at the same time could not fight back Albacete ´s pressure. Albacete ´s form in Zolder was simply unsurpassable. “There was no point in holding the clearly quicker Antonio back. I needed points, not Albacete at my back,” commented David on the first part of the race, where he ranked fifth. In the course of the next part of the race he had to lead an unexpectedly hard struggle with the French trucker Janiec. "The boy knew that we were at the same time fighting to score for the Constructors´ Cup. And he built his tactics on that. I eventually only overcame him in the eighth lap," described David further progress of the race in the finish. Despite the fourth rank he was satisfied with the progress of the Sunday races. "The racing is about something completely different without the avoidable collisions. I wanted to continue with the series of thirty and more points in Zolder in the course of the years and I eventually managed in the very last moment." Chris Levett repeated his cup race results and eventually ranked ninth, which brought him close to the 100 point limit (one point difference).

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