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Vršecký Deposes Enge!

Vršecký Deposes Enge!

It was only yesterday that the past racing season definitely ended for European Champion in Truck Racing David Vršecký. And the end was crowned with the best way possible!

The Roudnice pilot for the first time in his career received the most prestigious national award, the Golden Steering Wheel in the track racing category, yesterday, thus deposing Tomáš Enge from the domestic throne after the long nine years. Even though David had secretly hoped for the triumph regarding the extremely successful last season, he could not hide the feeling of pleasure after the appointment was announced. "It is excellent. Even though this may sound as a cliché, domestic victory is twice the pleasure of any victory abroad. The Golden Steering Wheel belongs to the whole team," claimed David, who primarily valued his victory over Tomáš Enge. "I am obviously very glad, for Tomáš has achieved great things in the motor sport. And I believe there is still more to come in his case. In addition I have again approached Martin Koloc, who won the title in 1995 and 1996, by a single little step. One more Golden Steering Wheel for me and the two of us will be equal." As for defence of the reward, David does not feel any exaggerated euphoria. "I must defend the European Champion title, the International Champion of Germany, the Golden Steering Wheel, and the Best Athlete of Litoměřice Region! Quite a lot to do," commented the king of European truckers, refusing to reveal the reason for his therapeutic stay abroad. "My characteristics for the time being is “cure of sins of wild youth”. After the seven racing seasons some parts of my body are excessively worn out." The team manager Jan Kalivoda appreciated objective approach of the poll. "This is a great success of truck racing as a discipline acknowledged after all in the strong competition of other motor sports. When we learned in Monte Carlo at the end of the year that David was ranked the best motorist in the Best Athlete of the Czech Republic poll, I considered it the greatest success possible at the moment. I must correct myself. The greatest success only came last night," said Jan Kalivoda in reaction to Vršecký´s victory in the prestigious poll!

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