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Vršecký Does Not Finish!

Vršecký Does Not Finish!

Mere three laps and the presence of David Vršecký in the cup race at the Nogaro race track terminated. The stop to the ambitions of the European champion was represented by an engine failure.

After start David managed to keep the fifth ranking resulting from his performance in the time practice despite the attack by Adam Lacko. His team mate Uwe Nittel was immediately behind him. The optimism in the Buggyra pits, however, only lasted for three laps. Vršecký´s Buggyra kept slowing down and the driver reported an unspecified engine failure to the microphone. "I felt all right and prepared for an attack on Östreich. The truck suddenly stopped working, I do not know why yet. Luckily there is enough time between the races to repair the defect. At least I hope there is,” said Vršecký after the race. On the other hand, Uwe Nittel scored the best result of his to-date truck racing career, ranking sixth in the finish. He commented on his performance with the following words: "What a pity David failed. I am very happy about my result. I hope to score some points in the handicap race too."

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