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Vršecký Does Not Finish in Jaramal!

Vršecký Does Not Finish in Jaramal!

Saturday bad luck repetitions: This may be one of the names for this year ´s Saturday stories of David Vršecký. Following two starting collisions in Zolder for which not him but others were to be blamed the same story repeated itself in Jarama!

David started from the fifth starting position allocated to him according to the results of the noon super field time practice. His presence in the cup race was very short, though. Immediately after start he was hit from behind and suddenly found himself off the track. He returned to the race with his tyre broken, taking the very last rank, but in the seventh lap he gave up the vain struggle. “ Other things were failing in addition to the tyre. There was no point in torturing the poor vehicle. I want to see the video to find out who hit me so nicely. My tips are the Hungarian Kiss, or my “favourite” Nittel,” said the visibly disappointed Vršecký in the pits. "I will start the handicap race from the very last row. I hope I will not be in the way of anybody there." Chris Levett, after a tactical performance, improved his super field result by one rank and eventually ranked seventh. He commented on his performance as follows: "I let Nittel in front of me in the end. I did not want to risk a potential collision. In his case you can never tell. In addition the first row at the start of the handicap race is more valuable for me that the single score point.”

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