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Vršecký Does Not Finish, Nittel Sixth!

Vršecký Does Not Finish, Nittel Sixth!

Not even the full two first laps before David Vršecký´s participation in the cup race on the Most track was finished. The stop to his score ambitions was the destroyed cardan.

Uwe Nittel scored the excellent points for the sixth rank. "i do not know what to say! There are things which the driver simply cannot control however much he would like to," said Vršecký, whose performance in the cup race stopped a deafening bang at the beginning of the race. He started the race from the third row secured by his fifth best time in the time practice. "I was not sure about the clutch. The boys checked everything carefully. Eventually the cardan broke. I am not inexperienced enough to let a partial failure get me down. But I regret that. Especially when I think of the audience and the whole team.”

Immediately after start David got into a moderate collision with Albacete. In his own word this incident did not have the slightest effect on what followed. "I wanted to overtake Antonio and logically chose the defensive tactics. I must leave this race behind. I believe the mechanics put the truck together somehow. Despite the start from the last row I believe I could score some points in the end." Extraordinary performance was shown by Uwe Nittel, who won a duel with Adam Lacko and ranked sixth. "I do not like speaking about myself positively, but following the reactions of the audience they must have been amused by what I and Adam showed. So I believe it was not bad on my side. What a pity David had that trouble. I believed he could climb the winners´ rostrum,” said Uwe after the race.

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