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Vršecký Finally Fifth!

Vršecký Finally Fifth!

David Vršecký parted with the racing weekend in Zoder by the fifth rank. Uwe Nittel ranked thirteenth in the handicap race.

Unlike the cup race the handicap race was not very successful for David in terms of the start. He dropped by one rank from the sixth. In the fourth lap he still ranked sixth, while a lap later he moved in front of Lvov to the final fifth rank. "The start was rather complicated. Wet surface requires a lot of caution,” explained David the opening section of the race. "I am eventually satisfied with the fifth rank, considering the circumstances. Today was quite good for me." Uwe finally tasted the thrill of being in the lead. Unfortunately the experience was very short for in the beginning of the second lap he made a mistake and got out of the circuit. He returned on the eighth rank aware of the fact that he would probably have to pass through the pits. And it was indeed the case in the end. For the second time the German trucker in Czech colors returned to the race on the seventeenth rank and eventually ended thirteenth. "I paid for inexperience," he said after the race. "The track was really wet, I simply overstated it. But things like that do happen. I scored decent points in Zolder and so I am satisfied."

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