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Vršecký Finally Ranks Fourth!

Vršecký Finally Ranks Fourth!

The fourth and the tenth rank were eventually scored in the last race of this racing weekend at the Jarama circuit in Spain by the pilots of the Buggyra International Racing System David Vršecký and Chris Levett. Like in the previous race the start was repeated, this time “thanks to” the couple Östreich – Nittel.

The second start was without incidents. David started to the race on the fifth rank. But immediately in the following lap he managed an incredible manoeuvre over Lacko and Lvov, which move him to the third rank in a single move. "Beautiful. My truck ran up to my expectations. I was told that the leading Kiss was too far ahead, but at that moment I believed I could manage him," described David the firth third of the race. The following three laps were marked by attacks of Albacete from behind and David ´s reducing the advantage of Hahn in front of him. However, in the eighth lap a traditional unscrupulous attack came against Vršecký from the domestic trucker. “At that moment I lost a mere second behind Jochen. Immediately after that I heard in my earphones that I would have to manage the last four laps with a broken tyre," said David in the pits. Eventually he did not manage the pressure of Albacete and Lacko in the final lap, with the overtaking manoeuvre of especially Lacko was at the brink of breaking the rules. “A good race. Antonio is glad for every single point in his duel with Jochen and he behaves like that on the track. When he took off my tyre I was happy to manage to keep my truck on the road at all. There was no strength left for racing. At least a small satisfaction came when I heard that Antonio was penalised with five seconds for the nonsensical attack against me,” assessed David the second day of the racing weekend.

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