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Vršecký Finally Seventh!

Vršecký Finally Seventh!

Although David Vršecký started the last race from the last row, he eventually ranked seventh. Uwe Nittel, after a collision with Lvov in the fourth lap, eventually did not finish the race.

David managed to take part in the race in the very lat moment thanks to excellent performance of the mechanics and in his own words entered the circuit to try to make up for the unsuccessful cup performance. After the first four laps he already ranked seventh and for the rest of the race was engaged in interesting duels with his former team mate Markus Bösiger. "I did not want to part with Most by an unfinished cup race this year. As could be seen very clearly, both me and Markus took the duel as a mater of prestige. Markus is a very good trucker, he did not make a mistake and finished in front of me," assessed David his last performance in this year ´s Most. “I hoped for more but what can you do. I would like to thank to all fans. The season is not ending yet, I will continue to fight." Uwe Nittel found his duel with the Russian trucker Lvov in the fourth lap fatal. "I ranked fourth and the winners´ rostrum was within reach. It is too soon to discuss about who caused the collision. I must see the video. I scored eleven points over the weekend, which is not bad. I would like to thank to the fans, like David," said Uwe after the last race.

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