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Luboš Veselý - 29.08.2018

Vršecký Heads towards Gold Hattrick, Bringing Victorious “Double” Home from Beijing

Vršecký Heads towards Gold Hattrick, Bringing Victorious “Double” Home from Beijing

At the first event of the China Truck Racing Championship in Beijing David Vršecký, the double Chinese champion, controlled both the time practice and the two races, thus obtaining the first important scores on his way to the third champion title in a row. His team mate Gong Bin ranked second both times.


Vršecký ´s new truck Buggyra Zero has covered its first kilometres in the Chinese Truck Racing Championship. “I must say we were all a little nervous before start as we did not know whether the truck would work at all and how. But we calmed down already in the opening practice sessions where we could see that the truck had been prepared excellently. Also the modifications we had done to the Weichai engine proved to be good,“ were the words of praise uttered by Vršecký after starring with his new truck in the time practice where his lap time was the quickest.


Vršecký, as defender of two Chinese champion titles, managed to turn the time practice victory into his first race victory of the season. “I started from the pole-position and did not let anyone in front of me for the whole race. The truck worked faultlessly. And in addition my team mate rode right after me, so I am satisfied,“ said David after the first victorious race.


Following the model of the European Championship, the ranks of the first eight pilots were switched for the start of the second race. “In the second race Gong Bin and I had to make our way forward, which we managed to do. However, in the middle of the race an accident on the circuit made me circle after the safety car for four laps. When the race was resumed I had no problem to head towards my victorious “double”, was the overall assessment of the successful opening event of the China Truck Racing Championship by the satisfied Vršecký, who took the overall interim lead after the opening event, already held by him for the uninterrupted 26 months.

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