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Vršecký Honours Downhill Skiers!

Vršecký Honours Downhill Skiers!

There are moments in life when blood runs cold in the veins of adrenalin men whose purpose of life is speed. European Champion and world speed record holder in truck racing David Vršecký experienced a similar moment last Friday.

The reason was a horrible fall of the Swiss downhill skier Daniel Albrecht in the course of the race at the Kitzbühel track! "I must say that even if I have my own experience with speed I could not believe my eye when seeing the fall and the lifeless body afterwards," described David his first impressions, at the same time promising that he would not try to reach the speed around 140 km/hr with his downhill snowboard, so charming for him recently. "This would not be possible anyway. Before I begin to gain speed I find myself lying on the ground. After Friday I have been saying to myself that this may be for good after all." Performances of top world downhill skiers are classified by David among the few things that are hard to believe. "I am not against speed, by no means, but this is something I ma really scared with… To compare this to my own sport it is like driving a car or a motorbike at a speed around 300 km/hr. If the car “stumbled” at such a speed, it would also be a big mess,” says David. "Anyway, in the car or at the motorbike you always have a chance to do something against it, to react to the satiation, which in my opinion is not possible on the skis. In the case of these people the slightest mistake suggest a real chance for a wheel chair to the end of their lives. That is why I would like to express my deepest respect for the skiers."

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