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Vršecký - King of Sports in Litoměřicko Region!

Vršecký - King of Sports in Litoměřicko Region!

For the long decade the current European Champion David Vršecký was not a “prophet in his home” region. The best local trucker of the past decade did not become the holder of the above title of the King of Sports in his region despite his numerous cup race victories, and not even after breaking the world speed record for passing kilometre.

He has only lived to see the award granted to him this year. Paradoxically enough, the news of the triumph reached David abroad, where he has resolved the condition of his body for the last ten days, especially the condition of his knee, so hard tested n the past. “So I have won after all! I did not believe any more that this could happen. But the truth is that if not this year than perhaps never again my chances to win the title in future might be so good,” revealed David over the phone. "I am happy, for I have been international champion of Germany twice, while in my native region the victory kept escaping to me. I hope that the first triumph will not be my last one." Vršecký´s fellow Markus Bösiger ranked fifth in the inquiry. "I have never visited Litoměřice, but I think it must be very strong region as for sport champions, when the individual title of vice-champion and the team victory was not enough for a better ranking,” said the Swiss driver in reaction to his position in the inquiry. “I would like to congratulate David on his victory. I have lost another duel with him right at the beginning of the new season. I firmly believe that I will do better in the course of the season." The prize for the winner was taken over by the team manager Jan Kalivoda, who praised the excellent organisation of the prize-giving ceremony. "As for the prize-giving ceremonies connected with various inquiries, we have attended a lot of them. I must say that this ceremony was up to the top European level."

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