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Vršecký King of the Board!

Vršecký King of the Board!

The first purely working day has passed for the current European champion David Vršecký. The Roudnice trucker feels absolute peace of mind before start of the season of defence of his champion title, a task so far only accomplished by four truckers, Koloc, Lenz, Körber, and Albacete.

One of the main contributors to his current peace of mind has been the advised stay in the Giant Mountains (the Krkonoše)! In the course of his stay in the mountains David mainly focused on downhill snowboarding, which completely enchanted him, despite the numerous falls. "Lucky me, snowboarding has not yet been contractually prohibited to me, unlike motorcycling. An absolutely fantastic sport! No speed limiter, I could ride as quickly as I wished. I was absolutely physically exhausted every evening. I will have to extend my leg work in the gym." The first workday showed a quite standard progress, in David ´s own words. "We greeted one another as if we had not seen each other for two years. Then we shared our holiday experiences. I can say with satisfaction that there have been more and more those that cannot even be published on the Buggyra web site," revealed David. From tomorrow the Buggyra Technology Centre will slowly start its routine work. "Mario allocated some tasks to us before the holiday. I have diligently worked out all, I only need to verify some data with Markus Bösiger today. Tomorrow Mario and the engineers and I will define the plan for January."

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