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Luboš Veselý - 07.10.2018

Vršecký Knocks on Gold Hattrick Door, Winning Both Races at Wuhan

Vršecký Knocks on Gold Hattrick Door, Winning Both Races at Wuhan

The Chinese Truck Racing Championship 2018 continued with the second racing weekend in the city of Wuhan. This was the first race in the truck racing history situated in the streets of a city. The double Chinese champion David Vršecký controlled both races, thus fixing his first overall rank in the championship. His Chinese team mate ranked second twice.


“Very interesting here indeed. This is a city circuit so we drive in narrow lanes. For me a premiere,“ were David´s first impressions from the Chinese circuit. “The route is lined with concrete walls and so you cannot see behind the curves. If anything happens round the corner you will never bypass it.“


The double champion title defender controlled both the time practice and the first race, thus being on the way to the third consecutive champion title. “Today was very successful for us. I turned the victory in the time practice into the victory in the first race so the team and well as me are much satisfied. In addition my team mate Gong Bin finished right after me. Thus I increased my advantaged in the individual ranking and we both together improved our position in the team ranking,“ commented David Vršecký on the first racing day.



The organizers prepared a “novelty” for the second race in the form of starting in the order of the first race ranking. David Vršecký was the quickest again and that meant another victory for him. “I started from the first starting position for the race. In the second lap my team mate Gong Bin overtook me but I managed to overtake him again. I am happy. I have fixed my first rank in the individual competition and together with Gong Bin we have secured the gold overall rank in the team ranking,“ was David Vršecký´s evaluation of the second race in Wuhan, China.




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