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Vršecký Left Alone!

Vršecký Left Alone!

What has been expected by all hanging around truck racing has been confirmed today. For the first time since its foundation in the 2001 season the Buggyra team will only engage a single pilot to race in the championship.

Even though the team has two “live” racing specials prepared for the season, in the words of the team manager Jan Kalivoda this is the final decision. “We have tested several pilots but none of them has met our expectations for one reason or another. That is why we have decided to apply a new strategy this year,” describes Honza the current state of affairs. “We have in fact returned to the year 2001, when Gerd raced and David tested. For that purpose we have built a new testing team.“ “I believe this is the optimum solution for the time being. This year there will be eleven racing weekends, with only a week break between some of them. There is desperate lack of time for high-standard testing,” added the pilot and constructor David Vršecký, who has a clear idea about how the new model will work. Immediately after the Turkey weekend telemetric data will be sent to BTC together with my findings and requirements. While I will be transferring to Italy, the second truck will be used for testing. By the way, even a test pilot who “only” runs-in a new clutch eventually saves a lot of time.”

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