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Vršecký Opens Weekend with Seventh Rank

Vršecký Opens Weekend with Seventh Rank

After yesterday ´s engine replacement and sixth rank in the morning super pole David Vršecký ranked seventh in the cup race at the Austrian Red Bull Ring. Thus he will start the handicap race from the first row.

David left the pits with the intention to improve his super pole result. "The start was rather fine, I overtook Bösiger and drove side by side with Östreich. However, Markus closed me in one curve and I left the track," said David after the race. Thus in the first lap he dropped to the tenth rank. "Nothing special. Markus Bösiger and Anthony Janiec in front of me, both very hard to overtake." In the fifth lap David nevertheless managed to overtake Bösiger again and until the end of the first half of the race, the tenth lap, continued his eventually victorious duel with Janiec. After another six laps he overtook Blaise and began to chase the sixth Mäkinen. The duel with the Finnish master of defence was eventually lost by less than two tenths of a second. "I did enjoy the race, but a better score would certainly have been welcomed. The only positive is the first row for the following race," commented David on his cup race performance.

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