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Vršecký Premiered by Third Rank!

Vršecký Premiered by Third Rank!

The second climb up the winners´ rostrum this season was won by David Vršecký in the course of his premiere on the Smolensk track. The solid performance of the Buggyras was underlined by the ninth rank of the Russian newcomer to the Buggyra colors Konovalov.

And yet David ´s start for the race was not ideal. When entering the first curve he had to depress his brake pedal because of Albacete driving in front of him. Hahn made use of the situation and overtook our trucker. However, David did not hold the "potato" rank long. Together with Hahn he made use of two hesitations of Levett. The strong triad then easily left the rest of the field far behind. At the end of the race David began to strongly press on Jochen, but the German trucker successfully defended the silver rank till the end of the race. On the other hand, the pair Bösiger & Östreich in Renaults was not successful at all. The former made two big mistakes on the start and eventually had to be happy with the seventh rank. Östreich ranked fifth! "A super race," David did not try to hide his enthusiasm after the race. "At the end I even could overtake Jochen, I drove my fastest lap ever. But the track is very technically demanding and overtaking there is not easy at all." Another happy trucker was obviously Miki Konovalov. "I had to struggle hard with Janiec, who has already climbed the winners´ rostrum this season. Eventually I succeeded and ranked ninth. I have scored two points. My thanks to Buggyra as well as the excellent audience."

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