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Vršecký Ranking Second

Vršecký Ranking Second

Another climb to the winners´ rostrum in Nogaro was scored by David Vršecký. The current European champion ended second in the opening cup race after Jochen Hahn.

Markus Bösiger ranked fourth. Even though the quickest quartet of the time practice kept their respective positions after the first cup race, the truckers offered a very interesting show to the spectators. The greatest portion of excitement was brought in by yesterday ´s winner David Vršecký. "I knew Antonio was behind me, and so I adopted a predatory starting method with quite a lot of though put into it. In the second round I started a chase," described Vršecký the progress of the race after finish. His efforts were reflected in the times he was achieving in the second half of the race where his rounds were a half second quicker than the leading Hahn. "However, Jochen´s ride was excellently tactic. In addition Nogaro is not one of the tracks where you can overtake at every corner. Whenever I reached Jochen when we braked before cornering, he then left me far behind at the end of the curve. But I reduced Antonio ´s advantage by another three points, which is quite satisfactory for me. I must go and prepare for the handicap race." The race was much less satisfactory for the second driver of Buggyra Markus Bösiger. Despite great efforts and a quicker racing special he was unable to get in front of Albacete and ended fourth. He thus lost another five score points in his duel with Vršecký for the second ranking.

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