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Vršecký Ranking Second Again!

Vršecký Ranking Second Again!

Like in the first Sunday cup race David Vršecký ended the final race with handicap with the second ranking, this time after the victorious Albacete. His overall score of 52 points at the same time made him the most successful trucker of the racing weekend.

Markus Bösiger ended fourth. David started the handicap race from the fourth row, and like in the previous race he was soon overtaken by Jochen Hahn after start. At the end of the first round the current European Champion moved in front of Bösiger, starting the second round from the sixth position. "I was not excited at all. It was obvious that Antonio was going to take the lead. Yesterday I was ninth after the first round. There was enough time for minimisation of the score loss in a duel with Albacete," confirmed David, betting on patience. In the fourth round he was already fourth after Hahn, who in turn prepared for an attack on Allgauer, so well known to him after yesterday. "I decided to opt for the awaiting tactic. In my opinion, Jochen did not control his nerves and hasted too much with his overtaking manoeuvre. I suddenly found myself third." It needs to be mentioned that the Austrian driver did not learn his lesson on the previous day and his resistance took nearly a whole round. "I admired his stubbornness even though I could not understand him completely. The duel was hard but complied with the rules. I could hear in my walkie-talkie that Antonio was far ahead, and so I concentrated on keeping the second ranking, which I did." David was evidently satisfied with his performance in Nogaro. "I have won here at last, I am bringing home four cups. I have reinforced my second ranking and reduced the leading Albacete ´s advantage by eight points in these two days. In addition Barcelona is in front of us, where I have always been fairly successful." Markus Bösiger had considerably fewer reasons for optimism. After the Saturday second ranking in the opening cup race the Swiss trucker did not reach to the winners´ rostrum in any of the remaining races. After overtaking Allgauer, who completely lost control over himself, he eventually ended fourth.

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